How to Massage Your Pregnant Wife

Pregnant wives go through lots of pain as the changes to her body occur. Thankfully, a relaxing massage will help relieve her pain. A massage helps reduce swelling and eases pain. Obviously, you must take precautions to keep her safe, such as letting her lie on the side and using slow and gentle strokes instead of providing a deep massage. Here are more useful tips:  

1. Let her lie on the side and support her body with pillows.   

The best position for prenatal massages is on the sides. It helps prevent tension on her ligaments. Also, you can put pillows between the knees to enable the hips and legs to bend. If possible, try to pull her legs pulled to the chest.  

2. Try the semi-reclining position.  

This position may also be good for prenatal massages. You may pile some pillows against the abdomen and her against a pillow. Massage her scalp and neck gently. Let her lean forward so you can massage her back and shoulders. Ask if the kneeling position is more comfortable.   

3. Rub your wife’s shoulders and back to relieve pain.   

Cup your hands around your wife’s shoulder and slip your hand to her skull base, where she reaches her spine. Then slide your hands back over her shoulders. Use your hand base or finger pads to apply gentle pressure whenever the muscles are tight.   

4. Knead her lower back.   

Hug your wife and massage her back. This should lighten up the sore muscles. When your wife lies on the side, massage her back with the hands on the sides of her spines. Take care in especially tight areas, knead them gently with the bottom of your thumbs or hands thumbs and work back.  

5. Let her relax.   

Start giving her some relaxing strokes through her scalp. Use both hands to massage the head of your wife, starting behind the ears. Slide the hands gently in the right direction or in circular movements. Work towards the direction of your hairline. Use those fingertips to put gentle pressure on her scalp.   

6. Massage her feet and legs.   

Feet and leg massage will help relieve swelling and pain. The legs of pregnant often become swollen and sore, particularly during late in her pregnancy stages. Using your palm, massage her legs in an up-down movement. Rub your entire hand up and down her foot. Using your hands and thumbs, make soft circles around her knees, heels, and feet. You may also drag your feet gently or rub your fingers between her two toes.  

Prenatal Massage for Women  

If you want to give your wife the best prenatal massage, you must hire expert prenatal massage therapists Melbourne. These are the health service providers who have the training and knowledge necessary to get the job done right. They will make sure that your wife will safely get a massage and enjoy all the health benefits that it can offer. When it comes to health, never settle for anything less. It’s the least that you can do for your wife and baby.