How to Achieve Unforgettable Getting Ready Captures During Wedding Sessions?

Indeed, each wedding unique. However, all wedding photographers are aware that the photo’s timeline is quite similar and it starts with getting ready pictures. Here are some tips that you might need to prepare beforehand as you photograph the groom and bride successfully. We will also discuss the importance of capturing this part of the wedding day. 

What exactly is the “getting ready” photos? 

The wedding day’s “getting ready portion” is when the groom and bride start to get dressed up for their special day. These photos include both the real-time situation of actually getting ready and the details of the day such as rings, dress, florals, shoes, and the likes. Usually, it is when the bride gets her makeup done, wearing some jewelry, getting into her dress, and all of the entire details that involve the completion of the bride’s look. This also applies to the groom as they involve taking pictures of him wearing his suit or tuxedo, putting in his shoes, tie, and watch. 

Things to prepare to get ready: 

Let your clients know on a pre-consultation 

This consultation is when you will be meeting with your clients and to run through all the details that your clients want on their wedding day. It’s vital to know whether the couple will be prepping in different locations or in the same ones.  

As much as possible, you can suggest the couples get ready in similar locations but in different rooms. In this manner, you can easily get to their location as you take photos of them getting ready for their wedding ceremony. Make sure to inform all the people involved during the preparations that the photographers will take some photographs during this time.  

Guarantee that the important people are made up and dressed for getting ready pictures 

Make sure that your client’s florals are already prepared at this moment so that photographers can capture them beautifully before the wedding day starts. 

Prepare your equipment bag 

Sometimes, you will be needing handy gears with you as a part of preparing your day. They are not really necessary but they can make your preparation photos of your clients to be photographed a lot easier and streamlined. An example of the handy equipment you should always bring with you is a Command Hook, PlayDoh, and some fabric or poster board to style the detail’s flat lays. Such details include bouquet, garter, shoes, rings, or special details such as vow books. It could provide you a consistent appearance to the details of your photo.  

How to maximize the getting ready photos? 

Evanston getting ready photography for weddings is quite like a photojournalistic method of the special day of your clients. Aside from the detail photos that you style, almost everything else is captured while it unfolds during this moment. 

The best way to maximize your photos is to get and try various focal length shots of events such as hair and makeup. Have a room’s wide shot and also do not forget the close-up photos while the makeup artists are putting on some makeup on the bride. In short, it would be best to capture the raw and actual emotions from the people within the dressing room.