Injuries from Auto Accidents 

Not driving carefully surely results in an auto accident. Sometimes it can be as simple as not wearing your seat belt to driving under the influence of alcohol or if you decide to run on a red light. Whatever your reason may be, here’s a list of some of the injuries an auto accident can cause. 


 1. Soft tissue 

If you don’t drive carefully you can suffer from a soft tissue injury. This injury focuses on the ligaments, muscles and even tendons on your body. This injury is most commonly caused by car accidents and can manifest in many other known pains a clash or impact can cause.  


One is whiplash. Whiplash is an injury that you can feel from your neck and upper area of your back. Due to the collision or impact your muscles and ligaments are stretched because of the sudden movement and causes an injury or blow to your neck and upper back. You may also experience this pain in the lower area of the back or the middle area or worse problem with your spine.  


2. Scrapes and Cuts 

A car crash can the objects from your car to fly out of place and this can cause a minor or major injury according to the strength or force of impact. It can be from small things like your coffee cup, phone, glasses, book, bag or any other thing that might be present in your car. Due to the force or impact anything can cut or scrape your skin if you are involved in a car accident. Moreover, it can be a minor injury however some major ones will really rely on medical assistance to avoid loss of blood.  


3. Head Injuries 

A head injury is not defined by a bleeding head alone- It can range from minor head problems to major ones. When a car stops unexpectedly it can cause a body to move or stop in a sudden manner leading to injuries mostly called soft tissue injuries which can occur to the ligaments or muscles in your body. However, another bod part that gets the impact is the head. Your head can get a huge impact from windows or the wheel and can result to possible lacerations shallow or deep. In worse case scenarios, the skull can be damaged as well.  


4. Chest Injuries 

Your chest is as exposed as your head to possible impact because it is facing the steering wheel of the car. The most common injury to the chest includes bruises sue to the impact and contusions. In worse case scenarios, due to the position a driver is in, the chest is exposed to the steering wheel and through sudden impact can bring great damage to the ribs of the one driving. A driver can also throw in a forward manner thus the chest is more impacted by the presence of the steering wheel.  


5. Arm and Leg Injuries 

If your car has been exposed to the sides for sure an arm or leg or both injuries to the arms and legs can occur. Since you have little spare room for your leg area, it can be thrown to the direction of your door thus this impact can cause great bruising or worse sprains and breakage.  


A good reminder when you get into an accident is to call your attorney to make sure you protect your rights specially if you have been injured. An Orlando auto accident attorney will help you handle the situation.